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My name is an'ya and I write haiku and publish a Japanese short form poetry journal called moonset. Recently I have become interested in suiseki as well. For our spring issue, I am thinking of running a feature article about suiseki inspiring haiku, and combining the two forms.
Great site! Have u any butseki (animal) speciman's? They're so kool! Again keep up the great work.
I was given a piece made by a friend. After looking at your site, I realize what a special gift I received. Wonderful information and gallery photos.
Thanks a lot for so variety of suiseki pictures which I love since my childhood. I live in a small island in Indonesia that so many stone to be collected as suiseki raw material.
Papa Theo
Hello my friend in suiseki, best greetings from Münster - Germany ! So many stones - so little time !
Suiseki - Art - Hach
Thanks for giving us very interest articles that we can learn more about the suiseki...i'm ferry live in Aceh indonesia...i started collecting the suiseki since 2003 in some rivers in aceh...the shape and the color of stones very good as most of my stones were deep black... my special thanks to the owner of the web who give us the detail of this art... once again....the best site of suiseki and always be number one...
Excellent web site and thank you for the inspiration.
Hi, my name is Petr and I live in Czech Republic. Your site is really the best! Thanks for an axcellent photos and informations about Suiseki...This site is a great inspiration for me. It is true, that I can see all the universe in a small stone on my palm...
Kaņok Petr
Hi, I am a bonsai hobbyist from Isabela Philippines...I believe in bonsai, and suiseki gets stronger majesty when harmoniously combined with bonsai.... I started collecting stones, as i read your basics. More power,
Henry Pavon
I have enjoyed your site. One day I would like to make it to Murphy, CA.
Gale Skousen
Great site. As President of the Greater New Orleans Bonsai Society, I tell all our members what a great site this is to learn about Suiseki. I visit often and find the site most useful when it comes to classifing my own collection. Thank you.
Jim Osborne - Greater New Orleans Bonsai Society is where collectors of yulem objects can share their objects and ides. Yulem describes an object formed by natural processes which possesses a set of intrinsic aesthetic characteristics that transform it into an object of unique interest. Only a naturally formed object that is recognized to possess such a unique or appealing character is considered a yulem object. I do not presume that yulem objects have attained the quality and standing of the suiseki, gonshi, or bonsai forms. My humble hope is to open a door for a similar appreciation of other, as-yet-unappreciated forms. offers a few examples. Thank you for any feedback.
Ralph Wiley
I just discovered suiseki yesterday after collecting pieces my entire life. I am so excited to find an avenue for my passion on artful rocks. Thank you for this wonderful site!
Sue Nosker
Hey mike. Best site on the web!!! Have some nice stones here in the PNW. Just checking in, you are in the league all your own on this.
Ken Agren
My name's Denny, I live in Yogyakarta (Indonesia). It was interisting and like to see all. Many characteristic stones was shown to this web. I was surprised, how they can find many stones that look like real. And I think "why I cannot find or maybe to be that collectors of it." I like something about art. Even though I don't have reference about art. But I really, really want to collect and then want to show it to all. Because near of my house, there is a small river. But I can find many stones. Because that river is the way of the Mount Merapi vulcanic. When rain fall many material came down from the hill with many "weird" stone I can find. I want try it. Thank you.
Denny from Indonesia
What I really love about this site is... you can keep coming back to it. The visuals are wonderful! I got my rocks off!
Denell McFall
Yours is an exciting site. It approaches a vast area of artistic expansion potential which it appears is either udocumented or unexplored. My approach covers color, texture, shape, form, balance, scale and perspective and the possibility of sharing gained insight is exciting.
Lance Bibbins
Thanks for bringing back great memories of the eel river, and some of the stones I collected there in 1984 without really knowing why.
Jeffrey Jones
Wow! This site has really grown in content and in quality. Your Bolder Boulders is a great new suiseki store on ebay too! Keep up the good work.
I curently live in the Philippines and have been into Korean and Chinese Suseok collecting for over 20 years, now here as well and throughly enjoy your site.
Chuck Heffner
I am from the Philippines, 52 years old, a businessman. Suisekii is very new to me but I am very much interested to know more about the art of stone appreciation. I hope I can learn more in the future. Thank You.
Mannix Bautista
Beautiful! Who knew?
There is only one word to express how beautiful those stones. Wonderful!!
Budi Susanto
Very nice site. I really liked what I saw. Congratulations!
Arthur Trevino
Love the site Mike! All our love and good wishes this year!
I love rocks! I live in Minden, Nevada (near Lake Tahoe) and want to find others who would like to go suiseki hunting with me. I'm a beginner and would really appreciate finding a mentor. Thanks for the inspirational site.
Sheree ( )

Yet another reason supporting my love of rocks & stones, thx
Fascinating new subject! Unfortunately not much info available in RSA
Peter Beyleveld

Hi! Im from New Zealand and live in a beautiful place called Golden Bay. There are many amazing rocks here... Nice work with the site! Love what u r doing with these rocks...!!! luv from R & R.
Becca from New Zealand

What a pleasure to find your web page. Being a lover and collector of rocks myself I was amazed and delighted by your site. I had no idea... Suiseki. And the rocks... wow.... I'll be back often, there is much to read and learn here. Thank you.
Pattye in California

I have an outdoor gallery 25 feet from Hyw. 1 in Northern California - Jenner. I have been doing this for years and have only recently (two and a half monts ago) put it out for view and sale. I'm bewildered, I already have sold pieces that are now in Israel, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Arkansas, Idaho, Texas, Los Angels, Sacramento, San Francisco and many more locations in California. You can go here and search: Webshots -- The Heart of the Archers Bowl -- I have had tremendous response, I think you will enjoy it.
Albert Ellis in Jenner CA

Have just been spending time at your excellent website. What a beautiful job you've done helping people understand the art and power of suiseki!
Thanks much, Len

Today was a red ( or green) letter day. Your stones arrived. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. The stones are great and will be given to my family and friends, I would like to see more of your find. The photo is quite interesting. I am glad to have met you and hope you had an enjoyed your brief visit to D.C. Please keep in touch. Tom

My daughter and I are heading up to the Highland Lakes to camp. Your site is great! We remember a wonderful rock shop in Murphys many years ago. I'm also interested in stones... Many thanks for the beautiful site

I just read the Chronicle article yesterday and am fascinated by the hobby. I have various rocks in my yard collected from Idaho mostly. However, they don't seem to meet the criteria. Your stones are beautiful, though.

Thanks for putting together such an informative site. We are about to go out to the Kern river in June for a little prospecting and it was a pleasure to see your site before our trip. I am emailing your URL to 2 women friends who are getting interested in suiseki. It will be a great introduction for them.
Happy Hunting, Rocannon MacGregor

Here I am collecting appealing stones and now I hear of Suiseki. Wow!
Basil Gavin

Hello. I am a published poet and resident of New Hampshire. I'm very interested in learning about Suiseki and wonder if there are classes or programs I could enroll in. My most recent book, "Light from an Eclipse," is a memoir covering the years of my dad's Alzheimer's disease. I've loved rocks and stones all my life and need a break from language.
Sincerely, Nancy Lagomarsino,

This is the coolest Mike! You and Martha have done one fantastic job. Anyone want some cool jades visit my site
Thanks, Sam

"I am dutch and very much in love with bonsai and suiseki. I like to know how I can read the Korean sites of suiseki. I have seen beautiful stones on it for sale, but I can't understand Korean and because of that I don't know the measures, prices and so on for ordering some stones. Can you please help me?"

Dear Hanne:
To translate web pages online, go to and choose the "Translate a Web Page" box. Type in (or cut/paste) the name of the website you want to translate, then choose what languages you want to translate from and to. When you hit the "translate" button, it will show you the page translated into the language of your choice! It is incredibly easy to use. The translations aren't always "perfect," but it still does a very good job in getting you the information you need.       Editor

"What a beautiful site you've created! Very thoughtful and informative. I especially like the sections on where to collect and tools and such. Rock On!"
"Excellent work. What A job! I can find out anything about suiseki I need right here. Thanks, Mike"
Sam Gitchel ~ CA
"Thanks for sharing!"
D.D. ~ FLA
"Great site format & construction to date, Mike. Thanks for sharing it!"
Chris... C. Cochrane,
"FINALLY! I'm up and running...rock and roll. You have beautiful art. I'm impressed. Warmest regards."
Juanita B
(translated from French email) "Sincere greetings! Congratulation for your site! I am a Practitioner in haiku and photography and I started to prospect rivers and mountains. Found beautiful specimen in the shape of large egg, granite bottom, top is schist, but it should have a daiza made. Thank you !"
Jean Louis d' Abrigeon ~ France

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