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View our newest collecting photos!
  • Collecting on Jeju Island, Korea 2007
  • Collecting on The Eel River 2007
  • Click here for our "Collecting Jade" photos

    Collecting Stones at Leech Lake Jade Fields, 2007
    Click Images to Enlarge

    Collecting Stones at Nashmead, Fall 2006

    Odin on rocks

    Stones thrown from other side


    Smooth suiseki in river

    Pictographs in stone

    Salmon mating

    Beautiful stones

    Culvert under railway bed

    Collecting Jade by Helicopter in Northern California
    Click here for more photos of Jade Land!


    More photos

    Murphys - A Little Town with a Big Reputation
    by Michael Reilly of

    Murphys stones are an amazing outcropping of stones caused by continental plates shifting, revealing sedimentary limestone with quartz intrusions - resulting in beautiful weather-worn displays of nature at its finest.


    Murphys stones are often admired in a base, in gardens, in a bonsai display -- or best of all -- admired in the wild in their natural state.


    NOTE: In the spirit of honor, stone collectors are urged to use utmost courtesy and never trespass on others' property. Always ask landowners' permission to enter their land. Remember that landowners also honor their stones.

    Email and I'll send you some photos. Happy trails!

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