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Tools for Collecting Viewing Stones

TOOLS : All tools should be in good condition with firm grips and sharp edges

  • high-quality steel pick and hammer
  • 10- to 12-inch chisel
  • small shovel
  • good work gloves
  • pruning shears or saw for cutting plants/roots away
  • safety glasses for stones that must be hammered
  • hard hat if you are searching in caves or dark areas
  • pry bar for loosening stones (this can also be used as a walking stick)
  • plastic bags, burlap, newspaper, padding material for protecting stones
Be careful not to damage the stone when removing it from the ground. Then clean the stone in a stream or with a brush, removing any soil. This cleaning is very important because the beauty of a stone is enhanced by a rich patina and other natural signs of age, but over-cleaning can ruin a fine stone, and it can take years for a scratched stone to recover its natural beauty. Then and wrap the stone for protection during transport.

OTHER GEAR: When vehicles are not nearby, you will appreciate having a backpack for carrying stones, since many specimens can weigh from 5 to 25 lbs. Make sure your backpack fits well and is sturdy - such as a frame pack with strong nylon fabric.

  • backpack
  • compass
  • flashlight and spare bulb / batteries
  • extra food
  • extra water
  • extra clothing (woolens are best), especially cap and rainwear
  • sun protection - sun screen, visor, sunglasses, shoulder protection
  • waterproof matches, candle, fire starters
  • first-aid kit
  • knife
  • signaling devices - metal mirror or whistle, etc.
  • waterproof shelter for emergencies

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