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Evaluating: | Ten Views of a Rock | Terminology | The Science of Suiseki

How does one evaluate a stone? How does one select a classification? Will everyone see the same image? In the Art of Suiseki, there is no such thing as a "correct" classification, an "incorrect" classification, or a definitive image to be seen in a stone. Evaluating and classifying is a wholly individual and often spiritual process, a relationship between the stone and the viewer. What a viewer will see in a stone (or what the stone will reveal to the viewer) is completely subjective and unique to every individual.

Ten Vews of A Rock

Some would say that every frame appears to be a new stone; but in fact each frame is the same stone, displayed at different angles. This enjoyably illustrates the subjective nature of stone appreciation, and the beauty that can be discovered through the process of contemplation and evaluation. [read more]


There are several different perspectives on evaluating viewing stones, from various collectors and cultures.

Chinese ancient terminology

  • Shou - elegant, slender, vertical, alone
  • Zhou - rich textures, delicate ridges and lines, rhythms in shape
  • Lou - exquisite beauty, indentations and channels linked to one another like a path
  • Tou - openings, holes (such as those which will let moonlight and wind pass through) [read more]

    The Science of Suiseki: The Golden Rectangle and Mandelbrot Sets

    Like most things of beauty, there is more to the art than meets the eye. In the world of Suiseki, consider the scientific examples of "The Golden Rectangle" and Mandelbrot Sets. [read more]

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