The History of Suiseki
Japanese History
Chinese History
Korean History
Common Classifications   
Japanese Classifications
Chinese Classifications
Korean Classifications
Japanese Terminology
Chinese Terminology
Korean Terminology
Collecting Suiseki
Where To Collect
Tools & Gear
Evaluating Suiseki
Ten Views of a Rock
The Science of Suiseki
Preparing Your Suiseki
Using Acid
Drying Stones
Stone Cutting
Developing A Patina
Caring for Suiseki
Displaying Your Suiseki
The Daiza
The Suiban
The Tokonoma
Other Displays
Overall Design

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Sam Gitchell  www.River Blossom
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International Stone Appreciation Society
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Suiseki Indonesia
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North American Viewing Stones Society
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Nippon Suiseki Association
Suiseki/Bonsai Books
Korean Suiseki
National Bonsai Foundation
California Suiseki Society
Korean Suiseki
Supplies, Materials, Resources
Suiseki/Bonsai Books
O-Hayo Sensei's Japan Bookstore
Francisco E. Sola
Sean L. Smith - Suiseki & Furniture
Stones, Wood Displays & More
Old Tree Bonsai
Scholars Stone

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